Dysphagia Gourmet:
The dysphagia gastronomic solution

Dysphagia Gourmet is the distributor for North America of [EASY]base.

[EASY]base is a 100% natural food binding agent enabling the molding of food while keeping all flavors.

People experiencing dysphagia can now enjoy their favorite food and eat with appetite.

Forks, knives &  finger food are back. Yes ! spoons are finally optional with Dysphagia Gourmet !

[EASY]base is developed & manufactured by Emotion Food Company (EFC), a European company based in Switzerland.



Chef Gabriel Serero, inventor of Dysphagia Gourmet food ingredient: [EASY]base
Maria Quici, speech pathologist and owner of
Kitchen Q sharing her experience:

What Speech Pathologists and Dietitians say after tasting our Dysphagia Gourmet food
 " ...Amazing... " " ...I will eat this food myself ... "  " ...Wow! it's so tasty, so delicious... "

What UK dysphagia Chef Gary Brailsford say after cooking and tasting our Dysphagia Gourmet food
 " ... the food is now consistent and very easy to produce, this is going to revolutionize the dysphagia food industry ..." 

Executive Chef Mike Matis sharing his thoughts about dysphagia and Dysphagia Gourmet food

Dallas, Texas

" As a Chef, I want to give THE wow factor to my guests "

" If I had to experience dysphagia, I would be devastated "

" I met Chef Gabriel Serero while working with him in Switzerland where we did R&D for modified food textures "



What impact can dysphagia have on normal life?

 Sonia Blue, a true story...




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