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When our mother experienced dysphagia towards her last stage of dementia, it was heartbreaking for all of us.

She had been a foody all of her life and all of sudden she neither enjoyed or appreciated her pureed food. She was not the only one: none of us kids would have eaten this pureed food. Many times we asked the nursing home staff if they had tasted the food or if they were even eating it...we all know the answer.

When we started sharing our knowledge in the US, we asked every SLP, RD, RDN, RN if they tasted the food that they recommended to their patients…again, we all know the answers too well. When we suggested sampling our Dysphagia Gourmet food, all of them were skeptical,  but once they saw and smelled our food they all immediately started eating with their eyes!


Here are few of their comments

PS: we wish that we would have discovered Dysphagia Gourmet sooner. We would have been able to keep mommy’s food habits alive to her end...

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