Chocolate celebrations

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Eating chocolate during Christmas and Easter celebration is part of our upbringing and joy.
Unfortunately, for those experiencing dysphagia, it is lost because of the pureed food diet where one can only eat with a spoon or drink liquids.
It is easy to understand the social impact of dysphagia. Imagine yourself with dysphagia, your whole family enjoying passing around the
chocolate box, picking out chocolate, eating. When the box is in your hand…NOPE, CANNOT PICK, CANNOT EAT.
Same goes on for your favorite food…devastating effects!
Good news: Dysphagia Gourmet technology allows for chocolate to be molded, finger picked and eaten!!
Our chocolate orders are on the rise. We are in need for a chocolate co-packer to help us with our production. Please contact ASAP 214 432 2319

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