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It is with great pleasure we welcome in our Dysphagia Gourmet Team Chef Gary Brailsford.
Gary is one of the very few UK Chef with a dysphagia food specialty training experience.
Gary sharing his life experience:

Gary Brailsford“I started my career as a Chef in the Royal Navy and served for 7 years. I then worked in Contract Catering as a Head Chef working at Royal Sun Alliance in Bristol. I then moved to St Monica Trust as a Head Chef, which is a charitable Trust providing care for retired and the elderly offering a wide range of care and support. St Monica Trust is a long-standing charity based in the Bristol area.The Trust expanded from one retirement village to four retirement villages over a period of 8 years. The number of residents increased from 200 to 1000 (with 1000 staff). The changing needs of the residents had to be met and one area was the Special Diets, especially Pureed Meals that had increased dramatically. This was an area that needed improvement and I felt could really enhance the dining experience for residents on a Textured Modified Diet.

I won the National Care cook of the year competition in 2005 and had my wining recipe published in the Bristol Evening Post. I was asked to do a feature on Nutrition and worked with a few dieticians. That is where it all began and got me interested in trying to improve the presentation and consistencies of the Textured Modified Diets. I am the owner of DINING WITH DIGNITY and train kitchen Chefs all over UK who want to specialized in textured food.

I have discovered [EASY]base through Dysphagia Gourmet and I can say that this is revolutionizing the dysphagia diets. It is amazing what we now can do with such technology. I already have solved some major issues in the UK: the breakfast.  No eggs/bacon were available for people experiencing dysphagia. While reviewing the [EASY]base guideline I immediately saw the opportunity for the typical English breakfast: bacon and egg. I experienced with it the very first time I met with Chef Gabriel Serero, the results were amazing. Not only from the kitchen point of view but as well from the residents point of view: you should have seen their reactions when eating their very own English Breakfast. Heart breaking experience! “

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