Dysphagia Gourmet is the North America distributor / market developer  for [Easy] base.

Due to the very close relationship between Mr Franck de Vivie and Emotion Food Company in the European geriatric care industry, we were able to move forward with our business development in North America. The nature of the businesses: geriatric care and food, leads us to always value the Human being the most important and to very sustainable development.

Don't hesitate to contact us to join our efforts to better serve the US public.

ID photoFranck de Vivie, Director
I worked for 20 years in the world of packaging for the food industry.
I learned a lot on international trade, marketing, B to B, strategies and especially on how to federate industrial, commercial and financial teams around the same development projects. After some many different project developments, startups, my expertise is extremely valued in the international marketing trade, the food industry and the geriatric care
My pleasure is to build development projects with  international transcultural dimensions and my satisfaction is to work with everyone giving the best of themselves within a team for common project & goals.
I now spend my time developing projects that improve the quality of life of vulnerable people.
Dysphagia Gourmet is one of them, this is a real innovation that effectively addresses the problem of dysphagia and keeps intact the pleasure of eating.
It seems to me essential to allow everyone to eat with pleasure!


Maria Quici,  Maria Quici low resMS, CCC-SLP,  owner of KitchenQ
Certified Dysphagia Gourmet Master Trainer for Southern California.

For more than 20 years, I have been working in the hospital setting, evaluating and treating people with dysphagia. I understand the needs and also the frustration felt by people who need to have modified diets. 

I know you may feel you have limited food choices, or you may be losing weight because you don’t like the unappetizing food being offered to you. You may be feeling isolated, embarrassed or depressed because you can’t eat the same food as everyone else, or maybe you’ve stopped socializing with friends.

That’s why I created KitchenQ  and the cookbook: Think Outside of the Blender: Great-tasting and Healthy Recipes for Dysphagia Diets. My recipes feature fresh ingredients, real food, with the goal of improving appetite and intake.

I am thrilled to be part of the Emotion Food Company and Dysphagia Gourmet team knowing that we have the same mission – to improve the quality of life for people with dysphagia by offering unlimited, amazing options for dysphagia diets.

Visit me:                                          Contact me:
 KitchenQ                                      maria.quici@dysphagia-gourmet.com
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Gary BrailsfordGary Brailsford, 
Chef,  owner of DINING WITH DIGNITY in the  UK
Certified Dysphagia Gourmet Master Trainer for UK.

One of very few Chefs in the UK with Dysphagia Specialties.


“I started my career as a Chef in the Royal Navy and served for 7 years. I then worked in Contract Catering as a Head Chef working at Royal Sun Alliance in Bristol. I then moved to St Monica Trust as a Head Chef, which is a charitable Trust providing care for retired and the elderly offering a wide range of care and support. St Monica Trust is a long-standing charity based in the Bristol area.The Trust expanded from one retirement village to four retirement villages over a period of 8 years. The number of residents increased from 200 to 1000 (with 1000 staff). The changing needs of the residents had to be met and one area was the Special Diets, especially Pureed Meals that had increased dramatically. This was an area that needed improvement and I felt could really enhance the dining experience for residents on a Textured Modified Diet.

I won the National Care cook of the year competition in 2005 and had my wining recipe published in the Bristol Evening Post. I was asked to do a feature on Nutrition and worked with a few dieticians. That is where it all began and got me interested in trying to improve the presentation and consistencies of the Textured Modified Diets.

I have discovered [EASY]base through Dysphagia Gourmet and I can say that this is revolutionizing the dysphagia diets. It is amazing what we now can do with such technology..."


Visit me:                                     Contact me:
Diningwithdignity                    info@diningwithdignity.co.uk
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More about Chef Gary:  http://dysphagia-gourmet.com/chef-gary-brailsford/


michel-faligantMichel Faligant,

A sound engineer turned entrepreneur. I own/owned and manage/managed many business ventures. To name a few: live music sound production, underwater archeology, renewable energy, energy management, restaurants, graphic design company, geriatric & health care.

Because of my sound engineering background: I have learned to use my ears! Listening to dilemmas and bringing solutions from all angles has allowed me to assess business development or startups companies very effectively. Sustainability is key for me.

Why did I get involved with Dysphagia Gourmet? Easy to answer: my mother-in-law, in Dallas, suffered dementia and we experienced first hand her difficulties to swallowing, the food presented to her (none of us kids would eat it) and her favorite food not available. Terrible experience for all of us. When I discovered and tasted [EASY]base food, my first thoughts were: "Wow! It tastes so good! Why did I not get that for my mother-in-law?" I promised myself to share this great news with everyone in the US so that no one would have to experience what we went through.

I wish Bon Appetit to everyone experiencing chewing and/or swallowing difficulties. We bring smiles to everyone's faces, 100% guaranteed!


Chance GravesChance Graves
Certified Dysphagia Gourmet Master Trainer Texas.

I have been a Police Officer in Texas for 10 years where I continue to serve a small suburb north of Dallas/Ft. Worth.  This profession and the opportunity to help others has appealed to me since I was a child. I have truly enjoyed serving my community and the experiences it has afforded me. 

I had the unique opportunity to meet Michel Faligant and a single word linked us for good, Dysphagia.  When Michel told me his abbreviated story of what business he was developing, he mentioned the word Dysphagia,  I responded with, "Dysphagia? You mean people with swallowing problems."  I thought Michel was going to fall out of his chair.  He could not believe I knew of the word.  He asked me if I had a family member impacted by Dysphagia.  I explained that my wife had just completed her Master's degree in Speech Language Pathology, and I apparently learned a couple of things while quizzing her for her exams.  My wife, Sara, is now a licensed Speech Language Pathologist.  She works at an Early Childhood Center in North Texas providing speech therapy to children primarily with speech and language disorders.

Michel presented me with the unique opportunity to join the Dysphagia Gourmet Team.  After getting to sample [EASY]base and instantly seeing the potential this product has to change the lives of people diagnosed with dysphagia, it was an opportunity I could not turn down. I am eager to present [EASY]base to healthcare professionals and individuals, to help people with Dysphagia experience a higher quality of life and so they can actually ENJOY eating again.


Contact me:


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Emotion Food Company (EFC) is the developer and manufacture of [EASY]base. It started in 2007 when a Swiss Chef Gabriel Serero,  specialist in food texturing, met with Francois Berger, a French nursing home Administrator, who was concerned with the amount of his residents experiencing malnutrition. Combining their efforts allowed for solid research & development protocols resulting a 100% all natural food texturing.

While developing, they added several unique talented individuals:

Francois BergerFrançois Berger
Sales and marketing. François  has experience in situations related to disability or loss of autonomy. He has worked in rehabilitation center, specialized foster home, nursing home, social support services  and the management of nursing homes. After 20 years spent working and / or managing these centers, he created his training company to greatly improve dietary practices in institutions, a subject that fascinates him. François graduated from CAFDES of the School of Higher Studies in Public Health, psycho-gerontology, he is also certified AFNOR external evaluator expert  for  social economy organizations.

Thibaut HENRYThibaut Henry
Finance and Administration. Henry  juggles creating genuine business and finance while holding senior positions in multinational companies such as Unilever and Philips for activities in Europe, the Middle East or Asia. In 2011, he reoriented his career plans to the elderly. Henry has completed at Sciences Po Paris the Executive Master of aging policies. He holds a postgraduate degree in management of growth companies faculty Panthéon Assas.

Julien LEROUXELJulien Lerouxel
chef, co-developer of the texturing, R & D trainer. Julien has 7 years of experience in applied research and texturing.



Antoine LEAUAntoine Leau
Responsible for operational marketing. Antoine Leau holds a master in foreign languages. After several successful experiences in communication, event management and entrepreneurship/ startups, he chose to participate in the Nutri Culture adventure.



Gabriel SereroGabriel Serero
R & D culinary. Gabriel  is an atypical chef: when most of his colleagues throw themselves in battle to conquer their Michelin stars, he is passionate about the social vision of gastronomy: the game, humor, theater in the plate, in cooking as in the kitchen. It is on this path full of adventures that he created his own company, developing products for Nestlé and met  chef Julien Lerouxel, with whom he developed the first version of texturing. Gabriel is a graduate of Bachelor of Science degree in international hospitality and management - Business Economist Diploma / HES Lausanne Hotel School.

Nicolas PERRENOUDNicolas Perrenoud
Production and logistics. Food engineer, co-developer of the texturing, co-director of industrialization, made his debut in the development of industrial food products for Nestle, Firmenich or Migro. He is a professor at  HES (food technology department).

Jean-­‐Marc TENDONJean Marc Tendon
Engineer in food technology, co-director of industrialization and product developer. Professor at HES (Food Technology department). He is also the head of product development for several companies in the food industry.


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