[EASY]base, Emulsion Food Company Team wins #1 prize !

Gold for [EASY]base, Emulsion Food Company Team !

Awards: The Charles Foix Award recognizes corporations' initiatives pertaining to the Silver Economy.

42 international experts from the Silver Economy awarded the Nutri-Culture's project: improving the quality of life for the elderly people experiencing loss of autonomy as well as improving the quality of caregivers' work.


Emotion Food Company co-owners Mr Gabriel Serero and Mr François Berger receiving the Bourse Charles Foix Award from Mrs Laurence Rossignol, French Secretary of State for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens and People's Self-Autonomy.

This 7th edition of the Trophies for the Seniors Age, recognizes and honors  businesses involved in improving the Seniors' quality of life.

A jury of experts recognized Emotion Food Company's ability to provide relevant and innovative solutions to people with chewing and swallowing disorders.

Mr Gabriel Serero (left) and Mr François Berger (second left) receiving the Gold Medal.

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