Benefits of Dysphagia Gourmet

It only takes  few bites to experience the benefits of Dysphagia Gourmet. 

Professional standards

  • > Compliance with any recommendations and nomenclatures
  • > Meet the IDDSI standard:  from level 3 to level 7

    iddsi Final_Framework                         click here to enlarge image                                                    

Eat with your eyes

chicken   4 apple tart  chocolate desert

simple efficient technique

Our technique provides :
1)  Visual identification of each different food, tastes and flavors in the plate,  
      encouraging everyone to make use of all senses

2)  Allows  to prepare food with the same visual and taste qualities as any  
      traditional dish.

3)  Provides answers to issues such as:
         Food holding: finger food

Next time you meet someone experiencing dysphagia and complaining about food, just say:

" It's time to enjoy food, get Dysphagia Gourmet ! "

You will be doing this person a great favor.

Discover all kind of Dysphagia Gourmet food !