Importance of food textures

Humans love contrasts. The contrast of textures is essential for the enjoyment towards food. Imagine an entire meal at room temperature as a cold pizza and a coke without gas. This situation does not trigger desire nor fulfillment mainly due to the absence of sensory contrast.

The combination of crunchy and juicy texture is not always easy to achieve, but when the two are combined, the notion of pleasure is achieved in our mouth.

One of the best example to talk about texture is: ice cream. This product is very rich of sensory perception as it goes successively through several textures: solid, semi-solid, liquid as temperature changes throughout consumption.

We need the combinations that alternates soft, elastic or crisp. The texture is not only based on different materials, but also involves the effects of temperature, viscosity or other perception of textures.


Some useful definitions to understand our process.

This is the time during which different foods are eaten for our daily intake of necessary nutrients.

From a sociological and anthropological point of view, it is also a time for socializing, meetings, exchanges and sharing.

The nursing homes welcome and accompany their residents whose daily lives are punctuated by meals.

Accompany, from  the Latin words cum panis, meaning sharing bread.

This definition establishes the Dysphagia Gourmet's approach.

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Sitting at the dining table along with all the other guests is to be in front of them, part of the group, to create the conditions necessary for the exchange.

Before accompanying a person at the dining table, it is necessary to worry about his/her situation. Is he/ she hot? Cold? Does he/she need to go to the bathroom? Is he/she well positioned in his/her chair?
Poor positioning in, for example, an unsuitable wheelchair and/or unable to rest feet, elbows ... can cause annoying improper posture and resulting with some swallowing difficulties.
The technical answer is the modified texture ...

It is important to consider the environment in which the meal is served, to avoid over-stimulation of the senses (light, noise ...).
The adaptation of appropriate cover and services facilitate the guests' autonomy.
In addition, colors are as important as the presentation, in terms of visual faculties and associated disorders.

Residents of nursing home: respect for his/her rights, his/her desires or needs are the duties for professionals.
Depending on Regions, eating habits are based on the consumption of beans, potatoes, lentils, cabbage ...
From 200 food references  a century ago, the food base of humanity is now 80,000 food references  requiring our days some adjustments ....
Dysphagia Gourmet offers simple solutions to achieve a collective thinking, taking into account the obligations and the need to search for matching the supply and demand, for all of us to enjoy.

The same dish served in different environments does not receive the same level of satisfaction.
Between the memory of the taste of the family stew, the representation that we have and the search for similarity with the presented dish, there are many reasons not to be satisfied.
Because of pathologies according to the therapeutic etc ... the tongue which identifies the sweet, salty, bitter or acidic deteriorates and everything becomes tasteless.
Contrary to the representations, those advancing in age are not gourmand.
They identify primarily sweet flavors.
Needless to spice or salt excessively. Dysphagia Gourmet offers cooking techniques and seasoning allowing residents to eat palatable dishes.

The time allocated to sharing food around the dining table, human help etc ... are subject to specific education throughout the Dysphagia Gourmet approach.
From a social point of view, being a guest is sitting at the same table as the other, have the same number of dishes, of the same forms, the same colors and the same flavors.
Implementing an ethical goal process in institutions is to recognize each resident in their peer, not only because of their alterations.
Ignoring the social dimensions of the meal it going back to serve protein and energy supplements instead of the " Special of the day", or prepare an indefinable texture in which we find, again, mixed together the protein dish, vegetable, sometimes the crudity and milk to dilute and at the same time enrich the whole.
Practicing this way is perhaps already confiscating some dignity ....
We can only serve dishes that we would consume ourselves. Otherwise, dignity, respect, empathy are violated, for all of us.
The Dysphagia Gourmet approach offers a co-constructed thinking, based on ethical principles of action.

The bench marks gained throughout our existence no longer represent much when we experience orientation disorders.
Not knowing or no longer being able to use cutlery requires to adapt and to consider the "finger food" while providing tools, methods, recipes, additives, specific molds, allowing professionals to adapt daily .
With the help of multi-professional teams, nutritionist physicians and / or dietitians, we can identify the causes of malnutrition and determine if any enrichment is necessary, as it is crucial to know when we speak of modified textures.

It is a preparation or a specific cooking method that takes into account the capacity of the person involved.
The modification of the texture sometimes used pork gelatin.
[EASY]base uses algae and seeds, 100% vegetable, which are consistent with  kosher or halal food preparations.
In situations where experiencing chewing and/or swallowing disorders, needing food without residues, celiac (gluten allergy), intolerance of milk or eggs ... sometimes require to transform food or to implement specific techniques. Dysphagia Gourmet can help you prepare chocolate mousse without egg white or without milk or to use modified textures.


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